Quality policy

Supply products and services in compliance with customer’s needs and specifications, free of flaws, in planned times, with competitive costs.

To accomplish these purposes, the company’s policy follows these general concepts:

  • The customer has to perceive immediately that GAMBAZZI’s strength is its Know How, obtained in decades of interpreting customers needs and supplying a personalized product, that is solid and reliable in time.
  • Know our customers’ demand and needs through the direct communication with them
  • Understand how our market sector develops and be always at the forefront.
  • Bring innovative solutions in our market: we’ve never liked “copying” because who copies arrives always at second place, rather at last.
  • Remind constantly that our customers’ success runs parallel to ours.
  • Improve with continuity the quality of the offered products/services, searching for new opportunities.
  • Big attention to our “complementary” customers, regarding whom we have to be reliable and proactive partners with quality solutions and competitive costs.
  • Respect the valid requirements of the product.
  • Maintain and respect all the laws in effect and the contractual regulations.
  • Consider our suppliers as our partners, instead of our simple subcontractors, to share with them (instead of impose) our needs and our expectations, or better our customers’ expectations.
  • Improve the logistical and productive process, to obtain an improvement of production timing and consequently the respect of delivery time.
  • Eliminate the non-compliances of the products through controls in the different work phases to avoid flaws of the product, minimize the scraps avoiding the complaint, returns and problems related to non-compliance and low quality of the products. Prevent the index of defectiveness.
  • Towards the employees, support the enterprising spirit, encourage the professional growth, ensure profitable and peaceful professional relationships, guarantee a safe workplace, where everyone can be satisfied.
  • Reduce the risk of wrong estimation: improve the control level on order costs (cost of supplied products and services, project and production time) creating a data asset for an estimation centered to the results.
  • Consider the safety of the product as a priority characteristic.
  • Measure the respect and improve the efficacy of the quality system through interne Audits.
  • Establish the measurable purposes, coherent with the general purposes of the policy, which permit to monitor the processes, the work methods and the service levels.

Primary purpose of the management has been reached with the ISO 9001 certification, a recognized award appreciated by the big international customers.

During the periodic re-examination of the quality system by the Management, specific purposes for the continuous improvement of the system are defined and assigned.

The reach of these purposes requests the maximum support from the Management, but also the involvement and the collaboration of the whole team, to continue the growth and the development of the company.

The hereby policy is re-examined by the Quality Check Management to be sure that it’s adequate to the purpose.

Click here to download the ISO 9001 certification
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