Gambazzi today

Over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of belt conveyors and industrial handling systems.
30 employees in a 3,000 square meter facility for a total yearly production of more than 300 conveying solutions, mainly designed for companies in the following business areas: automation for robotics, fasteners, foundry and die casting technology, hot and cold forging.

Our range of conveying and handling systems is very wide:

  • Loading and unloading conveyors both for finished/semifinished products and for scraps/production waste:
    • Conveyors with hinged belt, Apron-type conveyors, mesh conveyors, plate conveyors, slat conveyors, dredging conveyors
    • Conveyors in PVC, PU, rubber, spondaflex
    • Magnetic belt conveyors
  • Conveying and evacuating systems for metal shavings
  • Feed hoppers (vibrating channels, hoppers with screw, with conveying belt, with pulling teeth)
  • Elevators (elevators & lowerators)
  • Sprue separators and automatic separators for die castings
  • Roller conveyors (idle, motor driven, friction driven)
  • Cooling and heating conveying systems (belts, cooling cabinets, carousel systems, rotary tables)
  • Filtration vessels and systems
  • Loading and unloading groups (loaders, vibrating equipments)

For a fast, safe and inexpensive handling of your products, for the best optimization and cost-effective implementation of your facility area, Gambazzi srl stands for Made in Italy all over the world. We move your business.

Our history

Gambazzi was born in 1967 from the intuition of Mr.Pasquale Gambazzi in a 250 square meter factory in Bagnolo Mella (BS). From the very beginning the company is renowned for the production of industrial furnaces for hardening and tempering, washing plants and belt conveyors.


Gambazzi moves to Poncarale, in the actual site and after only a couple of years it grows larger creating a second manufacturing facility; the two production sites merge into one big reality in 1992.


Gambazzi takes over SGF, a high-skilled company specialized in carpentry, which leads to a further increase in capacity and quality.


Gambazzi’s belt conveyors and handling systems are CE certified.


Another step forward : 3D software is introduced to realize the design and construction layouts.


Gambazzi srl celebrates its 50th birthday and gets the ISO9001 Quality Certification.


Gambazzi srl provides a 360° consulting view about its goods handling conveyors and systems:

  • Design - customized systems based on the specific needs of the Customer: our professional team offers technical advice to define the best conveying solution for your requirement; every plant is unique and therefore it needs to be tailor-made in synergy and in full harmony with our Customers, in order to get a complete and perfect integration of the conveying system into your production plant.
  • Production – the long experience of our skilled technicians, a well-organized workshop, the choice of thoroughly selected and reliable suppliers allow to realize high-quality systems, characterized by flexibility (no limits in dimensions or capacity) and by an excellent resistance (more than 30% of the belt conveying systems we manufactured 50 years ago are still operating).
  • Installation – every conveying system is carefully checked and tested before the delivery; upon request, we offer commissioning at the Customer’s facility all over the world, realized by our own highly trained and experienced technicians. The plants are delivered with test certificate and instruction manuals.
  • Maintenance – upon request we offer scheduled maintenance of our conveying systems, in order to monitor the wear of the components subject to stress and to guarantee the further good operational condition of the plant.
  • Assistance - in case of need the specialized professional team of Gambazzi is able to intervene in a very short time at the Customer’s premises.